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06 January 2012 @ 04:55 pm
TVD related post.  
I am definitely going to rant here more than I did on tumblr. 

So spoilers came out as well as a preview of Stefan forcing Elena to drink his blood. I know what the writers are trying to do. When Damon forced himself on Elena, a lot of people were negatively put off by it. Myself included. I associated it to rape, he  force himself on her and wanted to force her to be a vampire. It was the moment where I actively stopped shipping them. Plus all the dialogue in Season 2 between them was shit, Damon killed her brother, and well he just fucking sucked in season 2. I still believe they have their moments. One thing I liked is that Elena didn't forgive him or romanticize him for those actions. She has been romanticizing him a lot this year but he has been pretty decent compared to last year, so I get the love story. It's just not my style. The 12 year old who shipped Spike/Buffy would dig it, but not now. 

Now they are going to have Stefan someone who always on her side, force himself on her. I don't care if it's to protect her, he basically told Damon off for it last year. Plus they don't even have excuses for their behavior like in Buffy. Buffy had the concepts of good and bad with souls. TVD doesn't explore those notions, so now both Stefan and Damon are acting like utter douches, Elena caught in the middle of their shit because she looks like a woman who lived forever ago, and is only out to protect her family. I hate that fans of either Stefan/Damon sit and blame Elena. They both aren't open and honest with her. They both manipulate the shit out of her to "protect" her. One is clearly sweeter than the other, but now they are putting them on equal level and that is shit. Stefan/Damon deserve to be with each other for the rest of eternity because the only people they love is each other and Elena needs to run to wherever Jeremy is and find normalcy as a family. 
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Yvette: Klausfickleheart on January 7th, 2012 08:09 pm (UTC)
Oh they totally are pandering this season. Tyler/Caroline got together after an episode. Damon/Elena's story is happening. This season is filled with pander. They are placing Damon/Stefan on equal levels now. It's so clear. Damon is being Stefan this year by being there for her, making sure to protect her, soon he will be saving her friends and then I will be convinced they did a role reversal.