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12 January 2012 @ 08:42 pm

I'm unsure how I feel about Klaus/Caroline. It came out of nowhere. It makes no sense. But I AM SO SHALLOW that their pretty is so hard not to appreciate. I fall flat on the floor for Joseph Morgan cheekbones so.....

The Stefan/Elena scene was so good. I was so afraid for Elena. I was happy that Stefan had a reason and had no intention of actually hurting/turning Elena but merely just wanted to scare Klaus. His obsession with Klaus is becoming too much though.

Damon, what was your point this episode? I can't remember. I used to love Damon so much but he has been lacking this season. It could be because I am so fascinated by EvilStefan.

Where the hell is Katherine?

Tyler/Caroline, you had so much potential but the writers do not care about you. They had a decent build up only to have you get together in the premiere and then forget about you by midseason.

Matt, I love you. I don't get how anyone can hate you. I loved him with every girl, he really is just a nice guy. I side eye people who call him abusive, I really don't see that at all.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Bonnie, just go lesbian. The writers don't care for you to have a decent male love interest. You are better off.

Yvette: Klaus3fickleheart on January 13th, 2012 06:11 am (UTC)
THIS COMMENT. Klaus/Caroline are so pretty. I want to make icons. I understand where Caroline might come from if she develops feelings for Klaus because he saved her life, but I don't get where Klaus is coming from. I need to know if it's genuine or a big scheme. Where did he get this necklace? Did he buy it after saving her life?

I swear Katherine was suppose to be in these past two episodes, did they explain her absence?