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27 December 2011 @ 02:39 am
Tom Hanks, you make me cry so hard in Philadelphia every time. Denzel, you too. 

Anyways, I am making a post about Waiting on Forever. A story the media tried to tell us was a love story, but it's really just a stalker who convinces the girl to be with him when she is in a extreme vulnerable state. Anyways this girl befriends the guy when they are young, and he saves him from going insane... or so we are led to believe. He has to move but eventually when he grows up he finds time to stalk her but never speak to her. So he hears based on word of mouth that her dad is sick, and decides to travel to come stalk her at home and ultimately make his move. By this point, even though the two characters have not interacted, I have decided I hate this love story. It's creepy and not romantic at all. The best part is he has nothing to offer her but his stalkerish job because he is a mere juggler. So not even my gold-digging heart can enjoy this film. The movie goes for the turn of the dramatics where because he is her stalker he is implicated in the death of one of her lovers. It turns out it was Alaric (TVD) her boyfriend, who is sporting a bald look. The best part is in the end when she realizes her boyfriend is the murderer, she goes to one of his friends to apologize for yelling at him for being a complete stalker (IN WHAT WORLD GURL) and she travels to go be with him. (YOU IN DANGER GURL) The end mocks the fact that he stalked her, "Are you following me?"

So this movie has Summer from the OC, the chick from Hairspray, and Alaric from TVD and it's possibly the worst thing I have even attempted to watch. My logic of the film is skewed because I could barely suffer through it, it was so insufferable. 

Anyways, Scotty from Eurotrip was the stalkers brother and now Scotty doesn't know is in my head. 
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The ending to Cheers was sweet but in the end disappointing. The show was a good idea and all the actors had great comedic timing, but one of the main issues with the show is that nothing changes. The show lasted eleven seasons and in the end, the characters who were introduced in the beginning remained the same. Carla, had a great family, but remained just the bitter waitress. Norm loved his stool and beer more than his wife. Cliff lived with his mom till he retried I'm sure of it. Sam the womanizing bar owner realized that his true love was his bar. The only characters that had change was the characters introduced in the middle of the series. Fraiser, Rebecca, and Woody. Rebecca, introduced as a strong business woman with an attitude, got turned into a zany, crazy golddigger for the rest of the series. Woody, a unintelligent sweet boy from Indiana got voted into office and Fraiser, well he had his own show to establish more growth on. Fraiser was everything I wanted Diane to be in a female, pretentious but finally being able to let loose and embrace the cheers family. She was always so uptight that unfortunately it made her character in my opinion, unrootable. In many ways, I think that was the writers intention as there was many cracks about her character and Shelly Long's departure in the final season. 

The only unrealistic part about Cheers is the fact that the bar is still open. In reality, Rebecca would of gotten her wish of being rich by filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against Sam and then sold his bar to a large corporation. 

I can't even discuss who my favorite person is. One person I could never get into was Diane, it felt right that Sam didn't end up with her. They were too different and her pretentious attitude was not endearing but annoying.I'm surprise Shelly Long came back for the finale. Her character was the only thing that felt off. It was like she was trying to destroy the group dynamic that made the show great and I hated her for a bit for it.

Rebecca's zany personality left little to be desired after season 9. It was funny in the beginning but then became painful to watch. Her desperations to get rich, only to settle in a life she wasn't truly happy with was sort of sad. She married a plumber who she was in love with, but she could never get past he didn't have money. I'm sure it ended in divorce eventually. 

Towards the end, it was good that the show ended. The show was realistic in mentioning that Sam was getting too old to be taken seriously as a playboy anymore. Him ending up realizing that he didn't need a wife, kid, or career because his bar was his true love was so sweet and nice. 

I guess the point was that some things won't change, but at least your friends are there for you. I think Cheers is a one episode a time show to watch. All together, the funny wears off and you start feeling truly sad for these characters and their complete lack of growth. 
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I loved the finale but I have mixed feelings about the finale and the season. 

When I first started watching AHS, I was convinced the house was inhabited by a vengeful female spirit that exacerbated all the male's worst qualities and made them do evil things. I assumed that Ben was seeing a slutty maid because his worst quality was adultery. Tate killed all those school kids because the house played on his loneliness, jealousy, depression. Burn Victim Dude (12 episodes and I still couldn't give a fuck to figure out his name, so I will call him True Blood man) murdered his kids and wife because of the house. 

I loved that the finale showed that true reasons behind the house was just humans being dicks. Ben was a cheater, but the maid had a deep resentment towards men due to her death, so her younger appearance was to protect herself from being with them.  Tate was a psychopath and TBM was just an asshole who killed his family to be with a pretty blonde woman. Ben saying how people can't take responsibilities for their actions, so they go to therapy would fit the house so much. Nobody could take responsibility so they blamed the house, their mistresses or their parents for their actions. The only storyline that doesn't fit with this idealism is the anti-christ. It changes the story to be religious and puts it on a newer supernatural level. 

Hayden, why does she deserve to be forever alone? She fell in love with a married man who used her. She got pregnant. She lost the baby and died. Yet, she deserves to be forever alone with Tate, while Ben got his happy ending. WTF. Granted she was a crazy ghost, she didn't deserve to die, she deserved some sort of resolve or redemption. 

Tate, I wish they would of either made you an angsty emo teenager who admitted that his loneliness caused him to kill his peers. Nope, they made him a psychopath but couldn't stick with the proper definition. I can't believe his love for Violet is real and also believe he is a psychopath, choose one. 

Violet, I feel so bad for you. She loves Tate and wants him, but she can't forgive him. AS SHE SHOULDN'T. But it must suck to have your only boyfriend, rape your mother, and be the main reason behind your death. She will resent him forever and he deserves it. 

Ben, I don't want you to be happy. 

Vivian, your face was perfection and so were you. So strong, brave, accepting. I loved you. 

I just don't get the anti-christ shit. 

Still watching Cheers, realizing that slut-shaming was key for this show to be comedic. Fredrick's first words were NORM. 
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19 December 2011 @ 02:31 am
Let me start with Misfits and my thoughts. 

1) Simon/Alisha: I love it but their love story has always been tainted from the beginning. Alisha meets this new Simon who tells her yo, we fall in love. Yet, it's never established how they originally fall in love. Is there pre-original time travel scenario due to the fact that Simon is a creepy fucker who wanted Alisha since she blew him. Where is the original story established or is their love story just always a manipulation of Future Simon to older Alisha? Granted they became happy together, Alisha never truly fell for him, she fell for a hero and transcended that to the awkward boy. 

I loved this season of Misfits. Everyone who hates it, I don't understand. Curtis getting pregnant, Zombies, Rudy, and Kelly/Seth were all fantastic. I do have to say the Kelly/Seth storyline progressed far too quickly. They went from oh lets go on a date to OH HEY YALL WE ARE IN LOVE. 

The main issue with this series is the fact that they rush things too quickly. 

Now on to my tv shows adventures with Netflix. I started with Cheers. I used to watch it as a kid and I always loved the humor growing up. Now I am wondering how I understood anything Diane said when I was growing up. 

1) I appreciate the fact that the show dealt with serious issues before they were popular. Their first season featured a pro-homosexuality episode. The episode was confusing as Diane/Sam was the voice of reason while everyone else was throwing obnoxious stereotypes for giggles. It was making a mockery of the stereotypes making their point pro. But Diane is a character that is mostly ridiculed for being pretentious, pedantic and is hardly ever respected for being a strong woman. She is often ridiculed. So it's hard to determine if this episode is a pro or a mockery. 

2) I'm trying to figure out if this show is for feminists or not.  As I mentioned Diane is a mocked for being intelligent and her relationship with Sam is mostly built on manipulation. The best part is the show never tries to sway us into thinking their relationship is perfect. It's mocked at every chance and no one understands why Diane and Sam would want to be together. Their dynamic is interesting. 

3) Carla, you are strong, a fertile woman, and you don't marry someone because they knocked you up. It was my favorite episode seeing you walk away from a man you don't love even though you were pregnant with his child. You are poor, have five other kids, have this rich man wanting to marry you but you are not in love. It's so nice that a show built in 1983 could understand this while Gossip Girl, built in the 21st Century, doesn't understand this dynamic. 

4) Norm, mocks his wife but in moments is always showing that he loves her. It's so nice to see. Now in shows, marriage is normally tainted with cheating and betrayal. It's so nice to see a show realize that it doesn't always have to be this way. Gentle teasing in relationships go a long way. 
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