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28 December 2011 @ 02:53 am
Liveblog for No Strings Attached  
Natalie Portman (Emma) is wearing a onesie, clearly her character is amazing from the get-go. 
Ashton Kutcher has a big hand. 
Nick from NG  (ELI)is his best friend, I am already in love with this version more than Mila/Justin's version of the same movie. 
SHE TOOK HIM TO HER DADS FUNERAL. The poor guy has a yellow hoodie. He has no idea what to do. It's clear this woman hates him. 
He is working for Glee. OMG. 
His Dad and him are smoking pot, fantastic. 
His dad is fucking his ex. 
LUDACRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Insert my intense love for Ludacris since forever tbh) 
OH this is pathetic.... he wants to snuggle with the bush. 
MINDY KALING! OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE FOR THE CAST ALONE. Even if she plays a one-night stand girl named Shira. She has a nice ass. I love her in the Office. He wants to tell her he respects her. LOL It's all a joke. He had sex with no one. "I just pulled a penis out a vitamin water yesterday."

Let me take a moment to appreciate the skumbag Ashton Kutcher's ass. OMG NATALIE'S character is fantastic. This movie is much more crass and it's believable because I can believe these people would be crass in real life. 

SEX! OMG YOU HAVE 45 secs to put shit together. 
"The height difference, we stand next to each other, it looks like he is kidnapping me."

BOO, here comes my dick. OMG THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD. 

She 3D glassed his penis. I Love this movie so much. 

Ugh this doctor douche. 


Aww, the small moment where she recognizes the gesture of her opening the door as being so weird. 

She did Drew Barrymore. 


A threesome where you are not invited. "You look like a pumpkin bitch." We are not pumpkins, but you are so orange. 

Fuck they are cute. 

This movie is so crass about sex. We are fuck buddies. I love it. 

Awwww they are going out on a date. So fucking cute. LOL @ his plaid jacket right now tho.  He brought her carrots. She gave him a valentine's card that I adore. Cute!!!!!! Dude, its the first date. The girl clearly has commitment issues, SLOW IT DOWN FOOL. 

Bunch of melodrama when they should be together but aren't. 

Ugh I hate when shows emphasize bad timing. 

His dad obviously is dying at some point to prove that he is too old to bang a hot chick and give a great timing for them to get together. 

This ending is adorable. The man made her a period mixtape and dealt with her OTT commitment issues that are never really explained.

I sort of love these two. Aww it ended with the handholding. CUTE. I loved it. OMG HIS FATHER NEEDS TO STOP DATING HIS EXES. 
The ending was beautiful. The cuddling. Ugh I loved it so much more than Friends with Benefits, if only because I found it more humorous. 
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