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23 May 2013 @ 12:10 pm
I downloaded the Buffy theme, so I could pretend my life was a kick ass television series.  
I went to Michaels, a few days after I originally planned. Don't judge me, I'm shocked I managed to lose weight with how lazy I am on most days. I got scrap booking materials and started working on photos, but the photos I printed are two large (4x6) for the scrapbook I purchased. I think I'm going to have to start over. But I'm determined to start my Fresno book.

If my life was a television series, while I sometimes imagine it being relatively dramatic with plot twist and romantic connections (shit that only happens in my head, lets be real). Right now, I'm going to have to say it would be the most boring episode ever. For the first time in a while, all I have is money issues. No friend drama, no boy drama, no school stress, just broke. To increase my stress, I'm still going to disneyland next week, but mostly because I deserve fun before I work so much I will want to cry for three months. I almost initiated boy drama by contacting some older male I slept with last month because he looked like Cillian Murphy. But ugh no chemistry and not even close to being worth it.

Tomorrow is the release of movie series responsible for all my speeding tickets and I'm so excited. You clearly have no idea how happy I am to be going to see this film and I'm going alone because I realized that a lot of my friends in reality laugh way too loud and obnoxiously in theaters and I just want to hide in shame.

My recent weight loss has decreased my internet addiction but increased my shopping one. I love clothes so much and I just want to buy everything. To save myself from spending millions of dollars on clothes. I think I'm going to write about my choice selections on here so that I can express my love for clothing through writing and not through expense. The first image is a Dorothy Perkins Colorful maxi dress that I wish was in my closet. It's eighty dollars right now, but it's perfection. I wish I had someone to buy me such nice things. Ugh I would prostitute myself via Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman if I knew I could find a Richard Gere. I especially love the black fabric detail on the midriff area and bottom. The dress just screams fun summer.

On to weight loss, I've been very good. Going to the gym and staying for an hour each time either doing strength training. I'm down to a 10/12/14 (Vanity sizing people), but I've remained the same weight for the past two months. I'm still 190 pounds. I want to get to 189 at least, just to see that number for more than a day. Yet, I'm losing inches and that means something.This summer,while working, I'm going to be more dedicated than ever at reaching my goal.

I'm about to go to the gym for legs and abs strength training and thirty minute cardio. I'm really bad at jogging. I'm pushing to run constantly for a half a mile, which isn't a lot but its to break my mental block and to build my stamina.

Have a nice day folks!
Hopefully I'll have pics for this weekend. 
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